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Structure and characteristics of program mahjong machine

Time:2019-12-08 Views:1506
Structure and characteristics of program mahjong machine

1: shuffle quickly: adopt Japanese suspension technology to thoroughly solve the problem of slow card selection in the card selection process.

2: super mute: with car noise reduction technology and nano sound insulation material, the noise caused by brand dropping during brand selection can be completely solved.

3: there is no card selection rack at the entrance. The overall design of the card selection rack and mahjong machine makes the appearance more concealed and the card selection more accurate.

4: the integrated mahjong machine can avoid the complicated process that is difficult and complicated for customers to install and select their own licensing procedures; the variety of licensing types can meet customers‘ various needs.

5. Craftsmanship: design the automatic color control line, color control coil and mahjong key panel as beautiful and hidden.

6: simple operation: no * device operation is required, and the startup, shutdown, search, color control, program conversion are all completed on mahjong machine, real operation.

7: matching accessories: new type of non porous procedural mahjong can be selected to avoid wearing and dropping of needle holes, color difference at the sealing position and surface, dirt and lusterless.

8: various styles: customers can choose the integrated mahjong machine you need according to their preferences and playing methods.

9: strict quality inspection: from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, we should check them at all levels to ensure that the unqualified products flow into the market.

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